10 Reasons to Move to Suffolk
  1. Educated Workforce - 90% High school graduate or higher; 35 % Bachelor's degree or higher. (2015 ACS data.)
  2. World Class Research Facilities and Educational Institutions.
  3. Top rated recreational amenities including a Dr. Beach Top 10 Beach and a Top 10 Wine Travel destination.
  4. Moderate northeast climate with a full four seasons allow for enjoyment of a wide range of outdoor activities.
  5. Diverse lifestyle options, from rural farms to quaint historic villages to sophisticated towns with great restaurants, shops and nightlife.
  6. Internationally renowned museums and theaters.
  7. Top Ranked Public Services - Suffolk County has a police force with a very strong safety record and one of the nation's best public schooling systems.
  8. Proximity to major ports and 3 international airports.
  9. Foreign Trade Zone - Suffolk is home to U.S. Foreign Trade Zone # 52, which provides a more profitable way for local businesses to reduce costs and compete in the international marketplace.
  10. Easily accessible to Manhattan for a fraction of the commercial real estate cost, with room to grow.